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Solr search for Chef sucks

If you use custom attributes like default['something']['role'] or default['something']['roles'] you gonna have some problems entirely. Let me show you an example.

Here we have roles attribute which says we have prometheus role applied on the certain node.

chef (12.9.41)> node['roles']
 => ["prometheus"]

Let’s add some custom attribute with roles keyword:

chef (12.9.41)> node['xxx-prometheus']['roles']
 => {"imm-leaf"=>9100}
chef (12.9.41)>

You can make sure you don’t mixed something. This will tell you, what roles node has and with what precedence level:

chef (12.9.41)> node.debug_value('roles')
 => [["set_unless_enabled?", false], ["default", :not_present], ["env_default", :not_present], ["role_default", :not_present], ["force_default", :not_present], ["normal", :not_present], ["override", :not_present], ["role_override", :not_present], ["env_override", :not_present], ["force_override", :not_present], ["automatic", ["imm-machine", "machine", "imm-prometheus", "prometheus", "grafana"]]]

There you go:

% knife search 'roles:imm-leaf' -i
1 items found

When you are searching for a node index, roles is the key for Solr and roles matches. Solr doesn’t always work as expected, thus avoid using roles keyword in your custom attributes.