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OSX fucked up again

As usual, the latest update broke OSX again. In most cases there are few options to fix this piece of crap:

But the latest update was a bit different. Output is grabbed using (Command-V) OSX freezes after update

Fortunately, there is a good source of startup key combinations.

This time fix was horrible:

  • Boot your OSX into recovery mode
  • Mount your APFS/CoreStorage (depends which version you are using of OSX)
    • diskutil apfs list (list volumes and copy logical volume UUID)
    • diskutil apfs unlockVolume <logical volume UUID>
    • rm -rf /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/System/Library/Extensions/*
  • Reboot


I’m just writing this to point myself or other $end_users to do not lost next time if such things happen.

I’m moving to Ubuntu.